Public Housing

We have just completed construction at the Michigan City Housing Authority after obtaining HUD approval for its EPC. WWEC completed an investment grade energy audit resulting in a project size approx. $1,104,854 with savings estimated at $222,909. The energy efficiency improvements included high-efficiency boilers / furnaces at some sites, carbon monoxide sensors, water improvements, LED lighting, resident / maintenance training, and measurement and verification.
Erie Metropolitan Housing Authority in Sandusky, OH, is waiting on HUD approval for an EPC Phase II. Hopefully, they will be moving into construction by late summer early fall. The original EPC included high-efficiency boilers; lighting; water improvements; and insulation. The EPC – Phase II will include additional energy efficient high-efficiency boilers / furnaces / rooftop systems; LED lighting; occupancy sensors; and water improvements. The project is estimated at $1.4m in improvements for EMHA. The initial project has almost doubled the savings estimates by 80%. The savings from the combined phases are estimated at over $223,000 per year.
WWEC is developing an EPC – Phase II for the St. Joseph Housing Commission. The current project has surpassed savings expectations by about 50%.

PACE - Property Assessed Clean Energy Program

The PACE Program enables commercial property owners to obtain energy-saving equipment for their buildings that is repaid through an added property tax assessment. This program is available for residents / restaurants / etc. to make use of in Gulfport. WWEC completed an Energy Efficiency program for the Peninsula Inn through this program.

Property Management

WWEC completes utility allowance studies; over 250 studies a year for USDA, public housing, section-8, and tax credit properties. Reports have been completed well before requested deadlines. Janice Baker and her team processed over 200 reports for one of the largest low-income housing management companies in the US. They coordinated with over 40 utility companies to gather the data. The Reports were provided to the site managers, regional managers and corporate office. The Reports had a deadline of July 1. Each site (that had provided data by July, 1) was completed on time, so that site managers and regional managers could use the data for their annual budget reporting.
In spite of the pandemic we are currently dealing with, WWEC was able to complete its utility analyses for a Maryland Property Management company on time. Over 200 Final Reports were completed over a five month period and it was through the dedication of the Client and WWEC gathering all the required data that we were able to finish on time. Great good by all!

Assisted Living, FL

WWEC has been working with assisted living facilities throughout Florida to help them meet the new requirements for emergency power during power outages. Our most recent project in Punta Gorda provided 175KW of power for the 160 bed ALF. The natural gas generator provides enough power to keep the operation during natural disasters. WWEC is also identifying additional water and energy efficiency measures to reduce costs. WWEC is also proud to be a FALA member to keep up with ongoing legislation updates on a regular basis.

WWEC is currently working on utility analyses in Texas, Alabama, Missouri, Mississippi, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Puerto Rico.

Amount of Money We Have Saved Our Clients in Utility Costs