WWEC excels at providing outstanding project management and implementation of energy efficiency programs and energy performance contracts. From driving down implementation costs, to effective contract administration and site supervision, we have the team in place to provide you with outstanding project implementation.

Utility Analysis
While performing the utility bill analysis we can also provide a Benchmark Analysis to determine whether you have sufficient savings to move forward with an Energy Audit (EA), Energy Efficiency Program (EEP), or an Energy Performance Contract (EPC). This is also an excellent no-cost or low-cost way for you to decide how much value an EEP or EPC could bring to your facilities before you invest time and money into the process of building a project.

Investment Grade Energy Audit (ASHRAE – Level III)
A detailed analysis conforming to ASHARE Level III standards involves comprehensive whole building energy modeling to determine savings potential to ±5%. This level of analysis includes precise cost estimating, detailed financial analyses, development of a self-funding project with a savings guarantee, cash flow analyses, amortization schedule, analyses of what would happen if you waited (for a better interest rate, for example). As the project is finalized, we incorporate the simultaneous modeling of all possible ECMs in order to ensure we are considering the impact of one ECM upon another, i.e., savings interactivity. As our focus is bringing value to your property, we also provide detailed lifecycle cost analysis and a savings guarantee, if desired, when you enter into a turn-key energy performance contract with us. The IGEA is required for HUD PHA projects and FEMP projects.

Energy Audit (ASHRAE – Level II)
The Level II Energy Audit builds upon the findings of the Level I audit, adding detailed analysis of energy consumption to quantify base loads, seasonal variation, and effective energy costs. It includes an evaluation of lighting, air quality, temperature, ventilation, humidity, and other conditions that may affect energy performance and occupant comfort. We will provide a clear, concise report, detailing the generation costs and performance metrics. The expectation at this level is that the estimated savings results will be within ±15-20%. This is an excellent tool for evaluating whether or not to move forward into a Level III Energy Audit, which is more precise.

Energy Audit (ASHRAE – Level I)
The Level I Energy Audit is an excellent starting point to understanding the opportunities present for ECMs. It involves preparing a high level summary report detailing potential ECMs, describing the general configuration of the buildings, and defining the type and nature of energy systems. This level of audit verifies the energy project opportunity found in the Benchmark Analysis.

Utility Rebates
WWEC researches rebates for customers to reduce overall costs.

Measurement & Verification (M&V) For turn-key energy projects, or if you have a project you have already implemented and need to verify performance, we measure the savings annually using strict industry-approved guidelines to evaluate how the project is performing. This also includes annual monitoring to ensure the ECMs are still in place and functioning. M&V is how we ensure that our turn-key projects are meeting their savings guarantees. The M&V service can also be used by building owners who have had recent energy efficient equipment installed. Data logging can be used to isolate the consumption of specific equipment.